How To Make Medical Translation Service

Translation of medical documents
In the medical world, quality translation is not a matter of luxury.
It can be crucial! Medicine is universal, but language is not. And without a full understanding of the medical terms, medical concepts and medical terminology involved, it is impossible to construct a complete medical translation that captures the universal meaning of the original medical text. The medical and pharmaceutical field is one of the sectors that requires the utmost rigour and expertise during the translation phase. Medical translation requires not only the qualities of a professional translator, but also a mastery and knowledge of the medical field, with all its specificities and subtleties.
Medical, pharmaceutical and technical translations
Our teams of medical translators are university educated professionals translating into their mother tongue, and are trained to answer your requests for medical translations in the most professional, conscientious, and optimal way possible. They are thus able to handle the translation of your medical, pharmaceutical and technical documents, such as translating descriptions of medical devices.

ISO 17100 certified medical translation service
The Native Translator remains committed to providing the highest standards when it comes to translation quality. To achieve these standards, we have been certified to ISO 17100:2015* (formerly EN 15038) certified since 2011. We maintain these certifications through regular auditing completed by an official auditing body.

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