How To Make Certified Translations

Certification processes and the definition of a certified translation are different from country to country. In general, a certified translation is one that was carried out by an officially sworn translator. As a rule, the translation is accompanied by a signed statement that the translator has the necessary skills in the source and target language… Continue reading How To Make Certified Translations

How To Make Medical Translation Service

Translation of medical documents In the medical world, quality translation is not a matter of luxury. It can be crucial! Medicine is universal, but language is not. And without a full understanding of the medical terms, medical concepts and medical terminology involved, it is impossible to construct a complete medical translation that captures the universal… Continue reading How To Make Medical Translation Service

Translations for the tourism industry

Specialist translations for hotels and tourism organizations Since our founding in 2005, we have specialized in tourist translations. Tourist translations are, so to speak, the pillars of the Translator Group. Our regular customers include renowned hotel chains (e.g., Hilton, Accor) as well as small and medium sized hotel chains (Stanglwirt), tourism associations from large regions… Continue reading Translations for the tourism industry

American Translation Solutions

A professional translation company is well versed in solving the difficulties that come with English translation. At The Translation Company, we are accustomed to the different verb and article problems within English translation. The production of any translation is a difficult task in itself, especially if one is attempting to produce a translation with pinpoint… Continue reading American Translation Solutions

How to translate as ATA

English is known to be a difficult language. To American native speakers, English seems relatively easy; however, to non-English speakers, English is notoriously tricky. There are unusual aspects of the language, which cause significant difficulties for translators and non-native English speakers. English translation is known to be one of the most difficult translations when needing… Continue reading How to translate as ATA